“Animals at Risk from Climate Change” isa recently published teaching resource published by a non-profit educational foundation.

The complex interaction of biological traits and environmental conditions that cause a species to be susceptible to climate change and the basics of the carbon cycle are made simple and understandable through illustrations, symbols and brief explanatory text. Thoroughly documented to studies from reliable sources, including the IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group, NASA, NOAA, the US EPA, and the IPCC, the resource features 25 animals that highlight the fundamental impacts of greenhouse gases—causes, effects and risk of extinction—on all forms of life on the planet.

This material is available as a full color wall poster, a 70 page downloadable PDF presentation, and online on the free educational website.

“Brilliant! As a start, every high school science classroom should have a copy of this resource.”
~Dr Tara Martin, UBC professor, IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Climate Change Specialist Group

“…an easy, responsible, engaging resource for explanation of a very complicated process and very critical condition.”
~Peter N., World Ocean Observatory

Melanie from the Global Education Project

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